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SACRA ACTIVA does its tours in a hybrid boat along the River Miño, in the tail end of the reservoir of Os Peares, where there is over 24 kilometres of navigable waters, a route that takes you though the municipalities of Chantada, O Saviñao, Pantón and Carballedo, all located within the province of Lugo. Os Peares, which also gives its 
name to the reservoir, is a town which belongs to 2 provinces and 4 municipalities and where the Rivers Sil and Miño join.
The trip by catamaran allows a different perception of the scenery from the middle of the river. The vineyards, whose terraces stretch from the top right down to the river, woodlands of many different species, in addition to villages on the riverbanks, islands, churches, and, possibly, one of the most magical spots of the Ribeira Sacra, the waterfall known as «AUGA CAIDA» (Fallen Water).


«PAPORRUBIO» (Robin redbreast) is a small, very comfortable and safe catamaran, which can hold 11 passengers+skipper.
Apart from its 150 HP combustion engine, it is also powered by electrical propulsion which means it’s the first hybrid boat of its kind to transport passengers in the 
Ribeira Sacra, an eco-friendly initiative, which besides not polluting, has the additional benefit of not making a noise, this allows us to perceive our surroundings in a much purer manner.
«Paporrubio» complies with all the safety measures required by the Merchant Navy for transporting passengers on interior waters. It’s suitable for carrying children from the age of 0 years. It is completely safe, especially in the dammed waters of the River Miño, where there are no waves.
Sacra Activa’s catamaran is also suitable for carrying people with reduced mobility.
It has double doors both in the prow and in the stern.
We regret to say we do not alow pets onboard with the exception of guide dogs.



- Our boat -

The HYBRIID CATAMARAN of Sacra Activa is distinguished by its SAFETY, COMFORT AND ELEGANCE. Come to enjoy!!

Walk on the river.

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