TASTING Sacra Activa organizes wine tastings, they can be organized at the request of the clients, either just tasting or tasting + a boat trip. These may be led by winemakers, sommeliers, company collaborators or by Martin Martínez, the manager, who has practiced viticulture since he was first introduced to it as a child by his father. The wines to be tasted will generally be Galician,where a RIBEIRA SACRA will not be missing
 They will take place in the company-owned "WINERY OF GUARDA."  This 300-year old winery, which is perfectly orientated to the north on the bank of the river, is a paradisiacal place with excellent views of the  vineyards. Note that all the cellar furniture was made from the centennial vats that were inside. Delve a little deeper into viticulture history with Sacra Activa, which cultivates its own vineyards on the slopes of the Miño river where, due to its orographic difficulty, the grapes used to be transported by boat. The visit to the vineyard is made directly from the catamaran.

Minimum: The activity will be carried out as long as there is a minimum of six people 24 H before the realization of the same. Otherwise, the previous day will be notified that the departure will not take place and the money will be returned immediately.

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