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We are in love with the Ribeira Sacra, a land in which we have grown up herding cows and working vineyards since we were children, with our parents and grandparents.

We do river tourism, with Private Routes in a small catamaran, also REGULAR ROUTES, in addition to enotrusimo with visits to our ECOSACRA tourist winery and the vineyards.

In the Ribeira Sacra of the Rio Miño, at the tail of the Os Peares reservoir. Our winery is located next to the Portotide bridge. Between Belesar Pueblo and Playa de la Cova.

Martín Martínez is the captain of SACRA ACTIVA. The founder of this initiative and authorized by the merchant marine to transport passengers.

We do this because we like it, we enjoy it. We are full when we feel that our visitors enjoy it as much as we do. We are also the first and only to use a boat with a partially electric motor to transport passengers throughout the Ribeira Sacra. We can transport people with reduced mobility. We also have a winery at the foot of the river, like no other in the entire Ribeira Sacra or in Galicia.

It is a small catamaran for 11 passengers + professional skipper, very comfortable and safe.

Yes, since they are newborns, they nevertheless occupy a place like any adult (for traveler's insurance reasons). Children under 1 year old travel free.

Yes, of course, our boat is very comfortable and has two wheelchair-friendly boarding gates.

We love animals, but sorry, only guide dogs.

It is very difficult, none of our travelers has ever been dizzy, there are no waves in the reservoir, it will not get wet, it is very safe.

The catamaran has BIMINIS, which if it is very sunny we put them to protect ourselves, however, we recommend that you bring a cap or hat to protect your head, also sunglasses, essential sunscreen, in summer do not forget your swimsuit in case you You want to take a dip, despite being in Galicia the water is hot, in colder times we recommend that you bring a windbreaker, the thermal sensation in the river is susceptibly lower.

We recommend flat and comfortable shoes especially for private routes, where we go to the Augacaída fervenza, we have to climb a path of medium difficulty.

All those required by the authorities, approved life jackets for all ages, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, lifebuoy, etc ...

Between route and route, the entire vessel is disinfected. The mandatory use of a mask. Before each passenger gets on the boat, the mandatory use of disinfectant gel that we make available to them. The greatest possible safety distance between passengers.

In the REGULAR ROUTES NO, in the private walks YES you can bathe in the AUGACAIDA fervenza or at the end of the boat trip you can also do it at our pier or in Playa da Cova.

If the weather conditions do not allow it, the activity will be canceled, our boat does not have a roof. In this case, the money delivered will be refunded or they may choose to change the day. You choose.

Please see the prices section, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

REGULAR ROUTES the reservation is made ONLINE .

In PRIVATE CATAMARAN TOURS you must pay 50% in advance to formalize the reservation on our website.

The VIP EXPERIENCES, you must book the private catamaran tour and then write us an email stating the day they booked the private catamaran tour and how many people there are. Whenever you need it, we will be happy to assist you by phone 609802485.

In the REGULAR ROUTES YES, and in the other activities you must formalize the reservation by advancing 40% of the amount.

If due to higher fury or due to weather conditions it is canceled, we will notify you as far in advance as possible and you decide if you want to change the day or prefer that we refund the money.

SACRA ACTIVA works on demand for the activity of private boat trip and VIP Experiences, they are done in the morning and noon. The REGULAR ROUTES are in the afternoon and the departure times are exposed in the corresponding section.

The prices are based on the time of service and activity, they are exposed in the Rates section, ask any questions.

Through the website, RESERVATIONS button, in REGULAR ROUTES you must pay 100% of the amount.

For the activity of private tours, you will advance 50% of the amount to formalize the reservation.

The VIP Experiences, to formalize the reservation you will pay 50% of the amount of the private tour and you will communicate to us by email the reservation of the visit to the winery with the food.

The rest is paid on the day of the activity. Failure to show up for the activity on the agreed day and time will mean the loss of the formalization money

The activities will be canceled and you will be entitled to a refund of the money delivered immediately or change to another available date if you prefer.

o navigate, the boat has a maximum capacity of 11 passengers, but in private tours for larger groups we can propose other options.
Keep in mind that children, even babies, occupy a place like an adult, they are insurance issues.


The private tours from our ECOSACRA winery, next to the Portotide Bridge, on the REGULAR ROUTES are from Belesar-Pueblo (Chantada- O Saviñao).

Yes, 3 wines are paired with quality local products, cheeses, empanadas ... as well as desserts, coffees and liqueurs.