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Let’s go to the cellar!! It’s a common refrain among the inhabitants of these villages and which implies an invitation to sample a wine. This, generally knowing the kind and friendly nature of Galicians, which makes us such generous hosts, means the wine is never offered on its own but accompanied by all kinds of home-produced cold cuts. Come and give this healthy habit a try!
Sacra Activa, owns a wine cellar on the banks of the river, with amazing views of the vineyards and woodlands…but best come and see for yourselves. 
The wine cellar “Bodega da Garda”, over 300 years old, was carefully restored by local artisan, Fernando Ibarra, a specialist in the ethnography of the area. You can admire numerous antique pieces related to wine making and fishing on the river.
These traditional cellars face north to aid in preserving the wine. In this case, it is partially buried so that parts of its walls are of natural mountain bedrock.
In the olden days, the owners spent half their lives in these little cellars as, besides making wine and distilled liquor (known as aguardiente), they kept their fishing equipment and the necessary tools for taking care of the vines there. It was also a frequent and informal meeting place.
The cellar boasts a tasting area, where you can taste not only wines of their own vintage, but also wines from different Galician winemakers, especially from the Ribeira Sacra. Enjoy a different kind of wine-tourism!


- A Nosa Adega -

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