The experience is exclusively arranged for a closed group of people, i.e. there is no one from outside. There is a maximum capacity of eleven passengers. 
The trips are organized on demand, for the desired duration, with no fixed itinerary. Boarding is preferably from Belesar, although it can also be from Maiorga. The boat ploughs along the River Miño through four different municipalities: Chantada, O Saviñao, Pantón and Carballeda, bordering the “End of the World Meander” (“Cabo do Mundo”), the iconic photo representing the Ribeira Sacra and that many believe to be on the River Sil, along its way. You can enjoy the views of the famous river beach “A Cova”, of woodlands, vineyards, churches, islands and so on. Next, an indispensable stop at the well-known waterfall “AUGACAÍDA” in Pantón due to its being one of the foremost attractions in the Ribeira Sacra, a special place easily accessible from the river, five minutes on foot along a track. It’s hard to describe the uniqueness and beauty of the place.
Comfortable clothing is recommended and, according to the temperature, warmer clothing as the chill factor on the river is lower than on land.
Average duration two hours. Price €270.(taxes included)

Note: When formalizing the reservation, they must pay 50% of the price € 135, the rest on the day of the activity.


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