Sacra Activa are natural experiences, when you are born and raised in this territory it becomes part of your being, you want to take care of it and protect it forever, hence the sensitivity to the sustainability of the environment where we practice our experiences.

The restoration of the Ecosacra Winery was carried out by reusing the materials from the old winery, in addition to the use of bioconstruction elements.

The Paporrubio (Robin) boat was the first in the entire territory of the Ribeira Sacra with a partially electric motor for the transport of passengers.

In our experiences we offer quality local artisan products, but you can also eat the tomatoes and lettuce grown in our garden, the delicious cherries, apples, figs from our fruit trees and the honey from our bees cannot be missing from the desserts, we have been taking care of the most important animal on the planet.

We have acquired vineyards on the slopes of the Miño, vines that were being abandoned, in them we practice sustainable viticulture, free of herbicides and insecticides, in fact one of our wines is called XOANIÑA, which is the ladybug, possibly the best animal we can have. on the farm, acting as a natural biocide due to the amount of aphids it eats.

On our Instagram you can see photos and videos of animals that we sometimes find on our walks such as Otters, Roe Deer, Eagles, Herons, etc. We ask you to help us preserve this natural environment, Biosphere Reserve so that future generations can also do so. enjoy.

We know that tourism carried out in a sustainable way can contribute to the development of our territory, and help the depopulation of rural areas, which is why we encourage all our travelers to join this commitment, making responsible use of energy, purchasing products premises that are also of very good quality and visiting artisans.

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Sacra Activa

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