Welcome to a didactic day with friends, with time to rest and relax but in which we will also have the opportunity to learn more about the wines, landscapes and gastronomy of the Ribeira Sacra. All in a simple and close way, enjoying while we learn. The people who have devised this tour are Martín Martínez, founder of Sacra Activa and Jorge Vila, director of Galicia Wine Academy, both will be your guides and trainers throughout this exciting day. TRAVEL PLAN

DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES Welcome. Visit to the vineyard and presentation of the historical and geographical context: We will find ourselves in front of the spectacular meander that the Miño River forms as it passes through the A Cova area, called “Cabo do Mundo”. There we will be able to appreciate one of the most recognizable images of this part of the Ribeira Sacra before starting our tour of its vineyards. From there, we will descend through the steep vineyards of the Ribeira Sacra, discovering the secrets that this land of great wines keeps. We will know some historical and geographical details to better orient ourselves throughout the day and we will observe the traditional techniques of "heroic viticulture" and the hardness of working the vineyards on vertigo slopes.

· Private catamaran tour on the Miño River Exclusive catamaran ride through the meanders of the Miño River, enjoying the most beautiful landscapes of the Ribeira Sacra from the river and getting to know its vineyards, lush forests, islands, submerged villages and even the famous waterfall of Augacaída. If you are not chilly, don't forget your swimsuit!

Visit to the  winery with tasting of 3 wines

● Course:
Introduction to wine tasting and Ribeira Sacra wines Our guide, Jorge Vila, will give us some clues to better understand the Ribeira Sacra wines and its different sub-areas and recognize some basic characteristics in them, while tasting 5 wines and we exercise our senses for the tasting.

· Food-tasting and after-dinner in an old restored cellar. Our last stop will be a winery that is more than 300 years old, dug out of the mountain and right at the foot of the river. A place full of peace that we will enjoy exclusively and where we can, in addition to tasting the wines from different sub-areas of the Ribeira Sacra, taste a selection of local products of the highest quality. In this privileged space that we will enjoy in private, during the afternoon we will be able to share our experiences and what we have learned about the wines of the Ribeira Sacra while we taste some of its famous spirits and liqueurs.

PRICE PER PERSON: € 150 WHAT'S INCLUDED ● 1 Meal ● 1 Visit to the winery. ● 1 Tasting of 3 wines in the cellar. ● 1 Visit to the vineyard. ● 1 Private catamaran tour (1.5 hours). ● 1 Introductory course to tasting and Ribeira Sacra wines. ● 1 Guided tasting of 5 wines. ● 2 specialized guides throughout the day. ● Organization and reservations. ● Liability insurance. ● VAT. * Minimum group: 8 people.

NOTE: WINE TOURS RIBEIRA SACRA reservations are made by phone 982 199 656 or at

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