We promote natural experiences in Ribeira Sacra.

What do we offer?

Trips by catamaran (11 Max), ensuring comfort and safety along the Ribeira Sacra of the Lugo (meaning Sacred Riverbanks, it is the name by which this region is known). Bespoke trips for groups, with a stop-off at our touristic wine cellar located on the water’s edge "ECOSACRA". Also REGULAR ROUTES from Belesar and Panton.

From childhood, we work these vineyards. On our trips, we invite you to “taste the wine”, that of our own vines as well as others made in Galicia, mainly those belonging to the DO Ribeira Sacra, cultivated on the banks of the Rivers Sil, Miño and Cabe as they wind their way through the provinces of Lugo and Ourense.

What to do in the Ribeira Sacra? Undoubtedly, you can enjoy the most natural experience with Sacra Activa, suitable for all children aged between 0 and 100.

We are just starting out and our aim is to transmit the feeling of this land in which we grew up and we love, part of the “Magic Galicia”.


I grew up herding cows and working on the vineyards in my village in Pantón and in that of my grandparents in Sober, both villages of inland Galicia, also known as deep Galicia.
During my teenage years, while helping my parents with the farm work, I studied a vocational training course in Monforte de Lemos.
At 20, I wanted to get away from the hard work of life on the farm, so I tried to find a different means of earning a living, which I achieved. I started up different projects, which in turn took me to different places such as Ourense, Ponferrada, Seville, the Dominican Republic and Cuba with all the “keeping on the go” that being a businessman on a small scale entails. 
Nowadays, the Ribeira Sacra offers me peace and enjoyment, therefore I have decided to do that which I enjoy most, help others to enjoy it as I do. Over the last two years, I have renovated a traditional wine cellar, bought a small catamaran and acquired my qualifications from the Merchant Navy to take passengers, which enable me to skipper the boat.  
Would you like to come aboard my boat and visit my wine cellar? I will show you the beauty and feeling of the Ribeira Sacra.
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.


Alberto casares gandara
Ourense, 26/07/2021

Coruña, 05/04/2021
Viaje por el río Miño

Nigran, 27/06/2021
Naturaleza en estado puro

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