We promote natural experiences in Ribeira Sacra.

What do we offer?

Trips by catamaran (11 Max), ensuring comfort and safety along the Ribeira Sacra of the Lugo (meaning Sacred Riverbanks, it is the name by which this region is known). Bespoke trips for groups, with a stop-off at our touristic wine cellar located on the water’s edge "ECOSACRA". Also REGULAR ROUTES from Belesar and Panton.

From childhood, we work these vineyards. On our trips, we invite you to “taste the wine”, that of our own vines as well as others made in Galicia, mainly those belonging to the DO Ribeira Sacra, cultivated on the banks of the Rivers Sil, Miño and Cabe as they wind their way through the provinces of Lugo and Ourense.

What to do in the Ribeira Sacra? Undoubtedly, you can enjoy the most natural experience with Sacra Activa, suitable for all children aged between 0 and 100.

We are just starting out and our aim is to transmit the feeling of this land in which we grew up and we love, part of the “Magic Galicia”.



I grew up herding cows and working on the vineyards in my village in Pantón and in that of my grandparents in Sober, both villages of inland Galicia, also known as deep Galicia.
During my teenage years, while helping my parents with the farm work, I studied a vocational training course in Monforte de Lemos.
At 20, I wanted to get away from the hard work of life on the farm, so I tried to find a different means of earning a living, which I achieved. I started up different projects, which in turn took me to different places such as Spain and Latin America with all the “keeping on the go” that being a businessman on a small scale entails. 
Nowadays, the Ribeira Sacra offers me peace and enjoyment, therefore I have decided to do that which I enjoy most, help others to enjoy it as I do. Over the last two years, I have renovated a traditional wine cellar, bought a small catamaran and acquired my qualifications from the Merchant Navy to take passengers, which enable me to skipper the boat.  
Would you like to come aboard my boat and visit my wine cellar? I will show you the beauty and feeling of the Ribeira Sacra.
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.


Ecosacra is a “guard cellar”, a true Ribeira Sacra winery, a small museum that transmits the life of our ancestors, a way of life, and the authentic “heroic viticulture.”

It’s in a privileged location, a beautiful place full of peace where our philosophy is that you take your time to enjoy it comfortably in your private way without rushing.

In our visits to the Ecosacra winery, we do very personalized Wine Tourism for small groups.




Enjoy the comfort of our catamaran as you get to know a wonderful destination called "O Cabo do Mundo", the Maiorga Island. Approach the Finca Millara vineyards by river and see the picturesque town of Belesar, the submerged village of Portotide, the waterfall of Auga Caída, and  Romanesque churches such as Nogueira in Chantada, San Martiño da Cova in O Saviñao, and Chouzan in Carballedo. All of this combined with the perpendicular vineyards and the natural landscapes make the Ribeira Sacra truly remarkable.

Your visit to “O Cabo do Mundo” will leave you with unforgettable memories of navigating through such a special place as the Ribeira Sacra, a wonderful destination to explore with your family, friends, partner, or even alone. At Sacra Activa, we do customized circuits for your group as well as pre-organized circuits to be shared with other travelers. If you wish, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you design a trip that meets your expectations.



From the beginning, we were convinced that taking a walk through our vineyards, sailing on a catamaran, visiting a winery, and finishing with a tasting of wines from each subzone of the D.O. Ribeira Sacra led by WSET trainer Jorge Vila at Ecosacra, would be a great experience.

We have acquired and restored abandoned vineyards recovering centuries-old vines, even ungrafted. We have replanted with native Galician varieties, which are called "añeiras".

We are passionate about continuing the viticulture that we experienced as children, the viticulture of our grandparents, which truly respected the environment.

If you like the world of wine, our Ribeira Sacra Wine tours are some of the best full-day wine tourism experiences in Galicia.






SHIP   “Paporrubio” is a small 11 passenger catamaran, very safe and comfortable. Apart from its 150 hp combustion engine, it uses electric propulsion, which makes it the first hybrid boat for passenger transport in the Ribeira Sacra, an environmental initiative, which, in addition to not polluting, has the benefit of not generating noise, this allows us to perceive the environment with another sensation. "Paporrubio" has all the security measures required by the Merchant Navy for the transport of passengers in inland waters. It is very safe, even more so, in the dammed waters of the Rio Miño, in which there are no waves. The Sacra Activa catamaran is suitable for the transport of people with reduced mobility. It has two doors for boarding passengers both forward and port. Regrets, but pets are not accepted on board, except guide dogs.




SACRA ACTIVA, makes its trips in a hybrid catamaran, by the tail of the Os Peares reservoir, where there are more than 24 navigable km, a route that crosses the municipalities of Chantada, O Saviñao, Pantón and Carballeda, all in the province of Lugo. Os Peares, whose name also bears the reservoir, is a town that belongs to 2 provinces and 4 municipalities and where the Miño River meets the Sil River.

The boat trip allows you to perceive the landscape from the middle of the river with a different perspective. The vineyards, their terraces from the top to touch the waters, forests of various species, as well as villages at the foot of the river, islands, churches, even, if possible, one of the most surprising and magical places in the Ribeira Sacra, the waterfall of "AUGA CAIDA".

The boat trip through the Miño is enjoyed in a different way than the Rio Sil, let's say it is more friendly, with an exuberant nature, the canyons are not as pronounced, although it also has them and it is worth mentioning especially A Pena do Garabullo and that of Las Dos Caras.




Educated companion dogs are welcome in the regular services of our catamaran under the following rules:

1. To travel with a pet, you must reserve a place in advance (it is free).

2. All types of dogs that are calm and familiar with the boats are allowed, except those classified as potentially dangerous.

3. The passenger must carry the veterinary card or passport with up-to-date vaccinations and deworming treatments, as well as civil liability insurance that covers the dog.

4. The dog must be in the custody of its owner at all times.

5. Must be tied by collar and short leash and properly controlled.

6. Only one service dog is accepted, or two if they belong to the same owner.

7. In the event that the dog is nervous and causes notable inconvenience to the rest of the passenger, it will not be able to make the trip.

8. If the dog defecates in the vicinity of the jetty or warehouse, the animal's caretaker must pick up the droppings.


Why sign up with us?


We have the true knowledge and feeling that can only be acquired by having grown up here with our parents and grandparents who have always lived in the countryside surrounded by nature.

In addition, we have taken the time to train ourselves through courses in tourism, wine tourism, wine tastings, and by working in our own vineyards. Thanks to our experience, we are able to take care of the details of your excursion so that your experience is complete.


We have a small and comfortable catamaran. We have chosen a hybrid engine engine and electric motor, which is very silent, because we want to respect the environment. Due to its size, our catamaran can approach any corner of the river, which allows our trips to explore virgin areas.

It is the ideal boat to discover the Miño River in a healthy and reduced environment.


Our skipper has the qualifications required by the Merchant Navy for the transport of passengers, and our boat meets the mandatory security measures. We comply with all the regulations required by all administrations both on board and in the land facilities.

In addition, we follow all the protocols to guarantee the well-being of our travelers in these times of pandemic.





Our private circuits are just that, private and exclusive.

The regular circuits are cheaper, however, the length of the journey and the duration of the activity are not the same. The attention, quality of the boat, and exclusivity of our warehouse are also important differences.

All things considered, Sacra Activa offers quality activities with very reasonable prices.



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